Q&A with Author Peter Zeihan: How Shale is Reshaping America and the World

Absent Superpower

We recently met with geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan to discuss world events since the American election and his new book, “The Absent Superpower,” released last month. In the book, Peter credits energy and resource innovations with reshaping the global geopolitical environment. He predicts by 2019, US oil production costs could drop to $25 per barrel, […]

Quarterly Update: Knowledge Leaders Strategy

page 8 graphic

In our new quarterly update report, Portfolio Manager Steven Vannelli, CFA, discusses the investment team’s recent analysis on two topics, including: 1. New portfolio opportunities. Huge innovation in the energy sector – and the US Shale Revolution specifically — has manifested into new portfolio opportunities. The US cost of production of oil has fallen by 50% over […]

By 2030 Intangible Investment Could Be the Largest Component of Overall Business Investment in the US


The shifting composition of US business investment is accelerating once again. Out of the three categories of non-residential fixed investment (intangible property products, equipment, and structures), only intangible property products (IPP) is growing on a year-over-year basis. IPP has increased by nearly 6% over the past year while equipment and structures have declined by almost […]