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A Brighter Outlook for Inditex?


While Inditex fell below long-term support earlier this year, the stock price has managed to retrace much of that move down:Meanwhile, retail sales posted a yearly gain for the first time since 2010:

Staples: An Interesting Retail Stock


Per some of our previous posts, it is getting harder and harder to find interesting large-cap consumer discretionary stocks. Many of the well known retail concepts like Target or Nordstrom are breaking down, while some of the luxury names, like Coach or Ralph Lauren are locked in persistent declines.

Mixed signals coming out of the US


There doesn’t seem to be a trend in the US economic releases recently. In the past week we have had weaker housing data (Pending Home Sales), an ok production data point (Industrial Production), below consensus employment report (ADP), a weaker regional survey (Dallas Fed), and now today a blow-out regional survey (Chicago PMI).

2 Out Of Fashion US Luxury Companies


Coach and Ralph Lauren are two US luxury retail stocks that are currently out of fashion with investors.  Coach has been in a persistent downtrend since the beginning of 2012, and it has accelerated on the downside so far in 2013.

Has LinkedIn’s stock finally hit a wall (or ceiling)?


LinkedIn sold off hard today (-9.3%) as management guided slightly lower than analyst’s were expecting for the final three months of the year. LinkedIn has been on a tear this year. Before the sell off today, LNKD was up 136% and had outperformed the MSCI World Index by 90% over the past year.